Our Services

Youth Development Centre

We provides opportunities for youth;

  • Skill development
  • Shared workshop space
  • Basic business development and mentoring
  • Internship programs in partnership with the Seta’s
  • Ex-offenders integration into society
  • Basic crime prevention information
  • Social crime prevention programs.

Crime Fighting Initiatives

  • Basic crime prevention information.
  • Social crime prevention programs.
  • Ex-offender’s integration into society.

Craft Shop/Farmers Markets

  • Craft making
  • Craft training
  • Farmer’s product market

Agriculture And Environmental Education

  • We provide basic information and the teaching of agriculture, natural resources, and land management.
  • Agricultural and environmental education to prepare communities for self-sustainable development.
  • Interaction with the environment and human health community education.
  • Our own food garden, and orchard projects as an educational mechanism.

Cultural Activities & Events

  • Artist Hub
  • Music/Dj events
  • Cultural events
  • Annual events
  • Picnic and outdoor events
  • Corporate gigs
  • Formal/Informal events
  • Festivals and workshops

African Literature Education

  • Indigenous knowledge education
  • Literature workshops
  • Saturday classes for kids
  • Consultations

Community Cultural Radio Station

  • Community radio station
  • Indigenous knowledge education
  • Current Affairs/ News bulletin

Venue Hire

  • Outdoor stage
  • Outdoor events
  • African cuisine
  • Restaurant

Rural Township Tours

  • Homestays
  • Rural tours
  • Township tours.

Catering & African Cuisine

We are a self sustainable non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find their way by means of selling home made food and products in order to help our own programs without depending on handouts or government grants.

Social cohesion dialogues

Buyelembo Village, Community Conversations… We are a non-profit organisation focused on dialogue and advocacy, culture and heritage work, established by a group of Rural inhabitants in 2020.

Ufundiso ngeNtwaso

  • African spiritual emergence
  • To emerge as a spiritual or traditional healer
  • An innate calling and gift from the ancestors
  • The process of accepting one’s ancestral gift, one begins with an ancestral calling.

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